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Stoozi is language learning tailored to you!
That's why it's the language of language learning.

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Any way you want it.

Tell Stoozi WHAT you want to learn 📚, WHO you want to learn it with 👫, WHERE you want to learn it 🌍, HOW you want to learn it 💻 and even WHY you want to learn it ❓!

Stoozi will fill in the gaps and work around your level.

Stoozi speaks language learning.

That's the way you need it .

🤩 At home or on the go. Stoozi is there with you - tracking your progress, levelling-up, unlocking new features!

🎶 Wherever you are, you can learn passively - listening to your dialogues in podcast-mode.

🤯 Hear the state-of-the-art AI narrator and characters speak their words true-to-life and then translate! Even playback your own recorded messages.

Practice Makes Perfect .

On your immersive journey, you'll compile tons of review material specific to you! 🌟

Review it anywhere in multiple ways. 📝

Choose from word matching, sentence building, grammar and phrases to quiz questions. 🎓

Stoozi also knows just when you need to review it all. ⏰

What Stoozers have to say .

"As a professional who recently moved to Tokyo for work, I can honestly say that Stoozi has been an invaluable tool for me in learning Japanese. I can't recommend Stoozi enough for anyone looking to improve their language skills in a professional context.


Sales Consultant

"I've been using Stoozi to learn French for a few months now, and I can honestly say that it has been the most immersive language learning experience I've ever had. As a hobbyist language learner, I've tried many different methods and tools, but nothing compares to Stoozi."


French Learner

"While teaching, I weigh keeping the students engaged with having them speaking German. With Stoozi, I have finally found a tool that allows them to progressively go from using exclusively English to exclusively German.

Ms. Dus

German Teacher


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